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Management Training

Proficiency Training in Asbestos Management

We can offer, through our official training partners, a full range of British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) proficiency certificated training courses as well as BOHS Management training courses. The BOHS proficiency certificates (commonly known as P-certs) are an internationally recognised qualification standard for all those engaged in controlling the risks from asbestos within buildings. For full details of The British Occupational Hygiene Society and the courses they accredit visit:

Each proficiency module is in a specific area of work and expertise. It covers both theory and practical training in the subject area.

Each training course can be used to enable delegates to comply with the term ‘competent’ or use as support to prove competence as described within current HSE Regulations and ACoPs to comply with the safe management of asbestos. These courses are carried out at our South East, Manchester and North East training centres. We can also offer all of our courses as an in-house option, we will come to you to complete the course at your premises.

Call us or email for prices, syllabus and availability.

We can offer the following courses:

  • BOHS P401 Identification of asbestos in bulk samples – 3 Days
  • BOHS P402 Building surveys and bulk sampling for asbestos – 3 Days
  • BOHS P403 Asbestos fibre counting – 2 Days
  • BOHS P404 Air sampling of asbestos – 2 Days
  • BOHS P405 Management of asbestos in buildings – 4 Days

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As well as being experts in training, the asbestos specialists can offer advice on management of asbestos.

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